Thursday, August 25, 2016


We were celebrating the birthday of dear Tita Grace and once again we found our lovely selves out loose in RESORT'S WORLD MANILA!

But this time, we will be in THE TERRACE!!!

THE TERRACE is located in the top floor of (whispers) RESORT'S WORLD MANILA at the Maxim side.

My husband got there early and guests were asked to sit on the waiting room until an available table is ready.

They don't accept reservations because the place could get really packed. 

Inside THE TERRACE!!!!

The buffet at THE TERRACE is actually very simple and not as extensive as the other hotel buffets that I've seen. Still, the proof is in the taste!

THE TERRACE Bread Station!

THE TERRACE Mongolian Station!

It's also beside the hot foods station!

Pork in Bagoong Sauce!

Roasted Chicken!

Breaded Cream Dory with White Sauce!

The steamed mussels were such a hit!

Beef Caldereta!

Buttered Vegetables!!

White Rice and Buttered Rice!

Ooooh... Hot roast beef station!

How many slices should I get?

How about.....20???

THE TERRACE Dessert Station!

Would certainly save some room for THESE!

Oooh! Hot crepes galore!

ERICJAZ FOODIES once again joined my TAPE officemates/family for Tita Grace's birthday treat!


Tita Grace's parents, Mang Johnny and Manang Truds!

Tita Josie and Tita Flory (aka my frenemy!).

Tito Rey and the birthday celebrant, Tita Grace!


You got to hand it to the two, they DID make GAME OF THRONES more entertaining!

Wohooo! LET'S EAT!

My first plate...

My salad plate!

I requested for some shrimp stir fry in the Mongolian Station but I guess the chef did not understand and just gave me all meat!

I'm a happy and excited little diner.



Check out the people at the waiting area!

The chef at the noodles' station boasted that their Palabok was good so the Chinese Dimpol and I tried it out.

It was yum but needed a bit more salt to our taste!

Tita Grace also ordered additional grilled salmon...

and Grilled prawns...

All smiles while eating!

For dessert, I helped myself to some super luscious bread pudding with sauce! This was sooooooooo good!

Somebody was waiting to get a taste of MY pudding when I'm not looking!

The desserts were SOOOO perfect with coffee!

The Chinese Dimpol was trying to be British with his tea. He he he he he he!

HELLO from the other side!

Hmmm... This guy looks so familiar...

Dear Spanky is that you???

Later on in the dinner, somebody suddenly became crabby.

Probably because ERICJAZ FOODIES were acting all pa-sweety sweety and she did not have a partner. 

Not for loooong.


This is the first time that her husband, Tito Ton was "absent". He he he he he he he!

After dinner, we went to the restroom and was suddenly so amused with the ceiling mirrors.

I wonder why??!

We cannot get a decent shot!

The boys just looked at us in amusement.

When we saw another nice setting for a photo op, we went for it!

Of course, we still tried to get that mirror shot but was unsuccessful AGAIN.


Good thing too because our necks were hurting by now.

When we looked at the boys, nakikigaya na din pala! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We gave up doing a real good ceiling shot so we just settled for a wall shot!

When we saw Chinese carriages on display, guess what we did?

As our usual habit, we went downstairs to BAR 360 for some drinks and music!

Guys in suits were playing!

I love the margarita there because it tasted like lemon juice (he he he he) while the Chinese Dimpol got drunk on water!

We were joined later on by Tita Josie's sister and nephew!

BAR 360 drink buddies!

After playing a bit on the gambling floor, Tita Flory proudly showed off her winnings of...

One peso! He he he he he he!

This is us after one sip...

This is us after 2 sips!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I should've drunk more in my younger years so as to heighten my alcohol tolerance!

I'm kidding.

Got a problem with that?

He he he he he!

Seriously though even if the onstage singers did not make us feel like getting up to dance, we still had a fun and crazy time!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tita Grace!!! Thank you so much for the birthday treat! Ika nga ni Gloria, ANG SAYA SAYA!


Who is the next birthday celebrant huh???

H ehe he he he he!

Scary right? My husband wakes up next to THAT everyday.

He deserves a Nobel Peace prize!

 Newport Blvd, Pasay, 
1309 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 908 8888


  1. Hmmmm parang gusto ko tuloy ng palabok! And that bread pudding looks good! :-(

    1. Hiya dear mareng Rina!!! Oo nga!!! Sarap ng palabok kapag extra saucy!!!! Yup the bread pudding was really good! Yun ang favorite ko sa lahat. He he he he he he! Miss you!!!!!

  2. i love to read your blog entries.. more power...- pibs

    1. Hiya Pibs!!!

      Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! It's great to be appreciated for something that I really love doing. I'm kilig that you like them! Thanks again for making my night!!! Hope to hear more from you and meet you soon!!!! :)



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