Wednesday, January 13, 2016


On one particularly busy Saturday, ERICJAZ FOODIES was fully booked to a T: Early in the morning we attended the school intrams of the little lords because they will be having a presentation. Afterwards we watched Andrei and his team compete in his grade level basketball. Then at night, we will be attending not one, but two parties.

Would you believe that in the middle of it all, we will also be attending a wedding in EDSA SHANGRILA HOTEL? Yep! And I was lovin' it! Truth be told, I hated attending weddings when I was single. Because not only am I expected to answer the usual MEH question of "When are you getting married?", I fiercely DO NOT like joining the bouquet toss.

Add to that the garter game with the guy? (Homer shudders).

Now that I'm happily married to the man of my dreams (blech), I will never miss a chance to attend a wedding. Besides having the chance to dress up and meet with friends/or family, I love attending events where there is so much happiness in the air. Plus, it's nice to see two people, who are so in to each other, say their vows and party on like the Chinese Adonis and I did many years ago.

Haaaaay....  To be young and in love!

Of course, food is NEVER a factor for us when we attend weddings. Sometimes I even forget about it. ("Huh? There's a buffet? I didn't know!")

Yehessss... To be old, in love, and DELUSIONAL.

Okay fine. Food does that even to the best of us.


We're going to a wedding!

The wedding was in EDSA SHANGRILA BALLROOM and we're relieved that even if we were late, the reception program hasn't started yet. 

Time to look for table number 13!

And here we are!

The Chinese Adonis and I settled our fat butts onto and seats. We we're so glad that we hadn't missed anything yet.

Yub's little brother Allan and his lovely wife Ivy were with us in lucky table number 13!

While waiting for the reception program to start, we enjoyed the soft music by the string orchestra on stage.

Loved the hanging chandelier lights of the ballroom.

The EDSA SHANGRILA table setting.

And yes, I know the order of utensil usage!

Said no one ever.

Kidding! :)

Floral settings that I can't zoink.

Ooh nice picture!

The menu for the sit down dinner.

Now that's a sigh of relief. I can't seem to get my fat butt off the chair.

While waiting for the program to start, Ivy and I took selfies!

The Chinese Adonis joined in. Too bad that his dimple did not feel like making an appearance.


A YAPPY groufie!

And finally, the bride and groom are here!

The program was hosted DJ and EB Dabarkads SM YG. The Chinese Adonis was definitely a fan and was laughing all through his spiels.


First off, we were served with warm and crusty dinner rolls.

A generous slather of the salted butter onto the chewy bread was so perfect. I wolfed down a roll or two in record time.

We were served with an elegant plate of Prawn Cocktail Salad with creamy thousand island dressing.

The Chinese Adonis was hungry. But trust me. He was not THAT hungry.

Yohoo! That means more for me! I could chomp on salad the whole day!

Of course, with a side of steak, 2 cups of garlic rice, siomai, and kare kare.

Next up was a cup of Forest Mushroom Soup with whipped Chantilly Cream and Cheese Straw.

Thick, so tasty, and full with woodsy flavors.

For the 3rd course, we had a warm plate of Baked Sea Bass with Lemon Butter Sauce over a bed of creamy truffle risotto.

Look at how thick that fish was!

The Sea Bass was crazy juicy and fresh. There was no heavy sauce to overpower the mild taste of the soft flesh. I ate it with the sauteed asparagus and fancied the extra crunch!

In between courses we were served with orange sherbet as palate cleanser!

The Chinese Adonis loved this and wiped out my serving too.

The orange sherbet had a mild sweetness that is sort of addicting. It certainly refreshed my appetite for more food to come! He he he he he!

While we were eating, a romantic video clip of the couple was shown.

The ultra main course was a generous slice of  Slow Roasted Australian Rib-Eye with Potato Cheese Gratin, Glazed Carrots and asparagus!

Our cute and very accommodating server offered us red wine to go with the fatty beef!


The Rib Eye steak was perfectly medium rare and so deliciously tender!

At first bite, I swooned at how juicy and delicious it was! I super loved the generous marbling making it a great, fatty, and tender forkful in every bite!

And in no time...

I didn't finish it since I was controlling my meat intake.

For dessert we had an elegant plate of Classic Tiramisu and coffee.

So light and perfect to end the delicious meal!

Of course, the lunch was made more enjoyable with the great company.

For souvenirs, each of us were given a box of Mango Chocolates.

Table number 13 with the bride and groom!

Dhana, the bride, is the Chinese Adonis' first cousin. It was great seeing my husband's relatives and catch up.

Congratulations to RJ and Dhana!! I know that you are foodies like us so I have 3 words for you from the knowledge of the legend Wolfgang Puck...


We love attending weddings because it makes us feel like newly weds again!


So. There.

1 Garden Way, Ortigas Centre, 
Mandaluyong City, 1650, Philippines
(63 2) 633 8888


  1. Parang lumiit braso mo. Nag exercise ka ba? :P

    1. Hindi e! Lumiit lang siya ng kusa. The miracle of Christmas no????

    2. Not according to Nora Aunor.

    3. E hindi naman ako nagexercise, hindi nagbawas ng kain, hindi nagpa lipo (not that I know of)... tapos lumiit????


  2. Which ballroom in edsa shang was the reception?

    1. Hi Rica!!! Sorry I'm not sure but it's a combination of 3 grand ballrooms daw. :) Mwah!


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