Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Last Saturday, the Chinese Adonis and I were at SM Aura (pronounced as HOWRA :P) to buy groceries and to meet up with some of our real live friends (meaning, not imaginary). Even though we just had a heavy lunch, walking around made us hungry, and HOT (not for each other though) that we decided to head over to our favorite station in the mall to cool ourselves down:


And the hottest news for us that day was that BONO ARTISANAL GELATO had new summer flavors. We already had our own favorites in the special gelato hub with our first visit (SEE HERE) but we cannot resist the sweet dessert paired up with the words "NEW" and "SUMMER". With that, our Saturday just got a little bit sweeter and we cannot be more excited at the prospect of cooling ourselves down.

Well it's either BONO GELATO or immersing ourselves in a kiddie pool filled with ice cubes. But the former is more delicious! He he he he!


SM AURA was extra full that day and we (meaning I) were getting irritated with the hustle and bustle. But of course, there is nothing that a good cup of gelato won't cure and we were raring to order!

Todays flavors at BONO ARTISANAL GELATO!

But we already know what to get!!

photo from BONO gelato facebook account

BONO ARTISANAL GELATO has 3 new summer flavors... One of them is BUKO PANDAN... 

... and Ube!

As for me, I don't need no picture to push me to order my favorite, MANGO flavor from BONO ARTISANAL GELATO!

Oh wow... will you look at the richness of THAT?

As for my hub, he got his usual default order in desserts: Buko Pandan!

It was a good thing that this Buko Pandan cup was jampacked with BONO ARTISANAL GELATO goodness because it did not melt from the heat after several minutes of me taking pictures of it. 

I think my husband left a puddle of saliva somewhere in BONO ARTISANAL GELATO from all the drooling! He he he he!

I was not too fond of Ube flavor but I was willing to give it a try....

As expected, the BONO ARTISANAL GELATO ube flavor was very rich but not cloying to the taste! You don't have to be an ube lover to appreciate the delicious flavors of this gelato!

But like I said, I am sticking to my favorite BONO ARTISANAL GELATO in Mango!

Please take note that I am ONLY pretending to give you a bite of my BONO GELATO. In real life, you won't even get a 5 second sight of this.

Tee hee! Kidding!

You won't blame me if you get to taste this new BONO ARTISANAL GELATO summer flavor! Like I said in our instagram account (@EricJazfoodies), the mango gelato was like a very thick milkshake that was so nummy yummy in my mouth. I cannot stop eating it!

My "biceps" may already have the same diameter as the Rock's legs but I don't mind getting fat for THIS!

Yummmm! Mango flavored BONO GELATO just takes the blech out of summer and makes it all the more cool and enjoyable!

As for my hub, the Chinese Adonis was very happy to FINALLY eat his ice cream without any crazy wife interrupting. 

Open wide my little "utuy" (Quezon Province term of endearment... he he he he)

My husband cannot stop sucking on his BONO GELATO spoon! You would think that he enjoyed doing so  a little too much! He he he he!

His and Hers BONO ARTISANAL GELATO Summer flavors!



Hmmm... after finishing my BONO summer treat, I think I'm now in the mood for some of their Molten Brownie Sundae! He he he he!


LG/F SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway corner 26th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Check this out!

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