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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Thanks to UNCLE MOE's (See our meal there HERE !!), Yub and I now have a yearning for Kebabs, Shawarma, and OX BRAINS.

... For the latter though we dare not eat it after watching an episode of WALKING DEAD or seeing WARM BODIES.

I became fond of this cuisine because the thought of mixing onions, tomatoes, meat, with the creamy garlic sauce just keeps my mouth watering.

As for my husband, he loves all type of flavorful meat as long as it is not difficult to request to have the vegetables "on the side", then he'll go on that foodie trip.

One night while going home from work, we saw a a brightly lit restaurant glaring with PERSIAN KABAB 24 HOURS, we just HAD to try it!!! We wanted something to contend with UNCLE MOES.... he he he he!
The place was actually run by Mediterraneans (sorry for generalizing) and they really made sure that guests get what they wanted as some of them stood by overseeing the place.

I suddenly had the urge to reinact one of my favorite scenes of all time :

"King Leonidas: You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city steps. You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death! Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same!

Messenger: This is blasphemy! This is madness!

King Leonidas: Madness...? THIS IS SPARTAAAAH!

(Wilhelm scream)"

But, my husband would not have any of it and gave me such a kick under the table when I started my "dialogue". He hates it when I purposely embarrass him in public. I don't know why.

Anywhoo, one of my complaints about WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB is that everything was kinda tight. The proximity between seats and tables was sort of compact. I know that more customers mean more money but I certainly hope that they be considerate of the customer's comfort. Oh well...

Good thing their food pleased by tastebuds. Otherwise I would have called King Leonidas to my aide.

I'm kidding of course :)

It is hard not to notice WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB as their signs were very colorful and bright. You'll be like a moth attracted to a flame in no time.

We stationed ourselves in the second floor of WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB as the first floor was too tight for our taste.

The foreigner dudes of PERSIAN KABAB I was telling you about? There they are at the back. They really doted on us and would immediately call the waitresses when they sensed we needed something.

Albeit a bit tight for me still (between tables), I liked the interiors of the second floor of WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB.  It would automatically transport you to the exotic lands of Persia with the romantic lights, furnitures... (and electric fan?) he he he!

WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB meynuh.... Prices are reasonable right?

The colors and the walls made me feel like a Khaleesi! (Although I'm sure she is not Persian).

This would be a good profile pic for us don't you think?

Yub immediately ordered a WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB Melon Shake since we saw on the menu it was only P30.00! Yes! P30.00 for  a shake at a restaurant! What a steal!

And he loved it! Every sip was fruity and creamy with the ice thoroughly shaved to his liking!

My husband also ordered WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB's Beef Kabab Sandwich with Cheese (P70.00) and requested all vegetables on the side. He took a huge bite of this Shawarma (sorta like how Thor did it in the Avenger's Post Credits) and was surprised to like the cheese in the middle. He says it worked for him and took another bite. 

Just in case you need a reminder of what that scene is....

Photo grabbed from the net....

 Oh yeah THOR... bite that Shawarma! Bite it REAL good!!!

However, the same could not be said for my husband. No matter how much he found the food good, he will still take bites and look as if he was thinking of something dirty.

Tsk tsk... Ha ha ha! Kidding!

As for me, I ordered WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB's Yoghurt Shake (P30.00)!

We don't normally order shakes with our meals because the price would usually dominate most of the bill, but we were so pleased to find WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB's shakes to be very cheap but very good!

At first though, I found the Yoghurt shake to be too tart for my taste but later on I discovered it complemented muchos the meaty kebabs and spice we were to eat for dinner.

WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB's Beef Shawarma with Rice (P80.00)!

I think they had a mishap in the creation of their menu (Beef Shawarma with Beef Kebab) but I'm not going to complain because I found it all good.

Does not look palatable though at first glance since EVERYTHING was covered with rice.

By the way, it was a BIG disappointment that they ran out of Ox Brains that night. Oh well... something to come back for!

Hello there grilled tomato!

I proceeded to mix the butter onto the rice...

Don't you just love it when you have photobombers behind you without them even knowing it? He he he he!

FINALLY! Found the 4 pieces of perfectly grilled beef!

While my husband started to poke at WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB's beef, I then started to make my little side dish of mixed grilled tomatoes and onion with garlic sauce!

It takes a bit of time I know but it will be worth it with my meat!

BTW, I hate it when my bangs clump together like that and expose a bit of my big forehead! >:(

Just mix your grilled onions and tomatoes with their creamy garlic sauce and chili, then you will have something heavenly with your beef!

Looks sort of messy but this was a good meal believe me. The big plate was more enough for us already!

I want some more spice because....

I'm posh spice. 

Kidding :)

My WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB spoonful of awesomeness!

My husband was done eating already while slow eater me was still left savoring every morsel of the WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB's beef with garlic cream sauce.

My Khal with his stomache about to burst!

We were on a bit of a diet that is why we had some leftovers at WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB! He he he!

However, I did wipe that little sauce plate clean... Tee hee!

Overall, though our firm favorite will still be Uncle Moes, we had a lot of fun eating and enjoying the free transport to Persia in WORLD CLASS PERSIAN KABAB. We look forward to making a big return and try out that Ox Brains which got away from us. 

If they don't have the ox brains yet when we visit, then I might channel this guy...

Photo grabbed from the net!!!

By the way, I wonder if he's aware that he's married to Queen Cersei? No wonder he's so angry. He's not her twin brother! Tee hee! Just kidding.


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