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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Every Sunday is FAMILY day for us!!! We always have dinner at PODIUM, let the kids play at Kids Station (or is it Toy Kingdom?) and then, have dessert at SEBASTIAN'S! Sebastian's is an ice cream kiosk at the 4th floor that was recommended by an Assumptionista friend a year ago and we have been fans ever since!!! Every Sunday we always visit the place to have the creamiest and most delectable ice cream in a variety of creative flavors. I swear, their ice cream is sooo rich that it's almost like eating a frozen cake!!! The ladies at the counter already know us and would always give their favorite little Andrei free taste to all flavors even if we're not gonna buy! Ha ha ha!!! We love it at Sebastians... We do not only go there because of "forced habit"... we go there because it's the sweetest ending to our FAMILY DAY Sunday :)


The damage it'll do to your pocket...

The flavors they will tempt you with....

... and the ACTUAL scene where you will commit your diet crime!!!

Hey they have burgers!!!! Ice Cream burgers that is!

Our usual order is the CHOCOHOLIC'S ANONYMOUS... 

But tonight we saw a new CHOC on the block....


Oh this is just so heavently.... Imagine... Dark Chocolate... White Chocolate... Chocolate Chunks... and Chocolate Cake... All rolled into one creamy ball of perfection!!!!

Want some???


But I'm feeling generous tonight...

So you could just smell this... HAR DE HAR HAR! :)

While we were eating, we forgot that Mati was still standing by the counter.

"Mommy! What about me??"

Ha ha ha ha! Talk about neglected child!!! Just stay there while we eat you little Padawan.

Oh I AM SO KIDDING! So stop those raising those eyebrows! Ha ha ha ha!

In the meantime, I will continue enjoying this cupful of gloriousness... the kids could run around and burn calories for me. Ha ha ha!


Just to give you a picture of how good it is, imagine a chocolate cake that has been kept in the fridge but still maintained it's soft, velvet-ty texture.

Oh I wouldn't mind getting fat for THIS!

All finished! Time to go home!

On another Sunday Family Day, we dropped by SEBASTIANS once more!

... and discovered another flavor...


Oh this is just so wrong on so many levels...

I was on a diet so I let my son take a taste... HA HA HA HA HA!

Unfortunately, he loved the ice cream and demanded some more...

So I was left with this one, chunky, creamy, very rich, chocolate spoonfull of nirvana...



Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio
The Podium
4/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

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